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Image by Daniel Smyth

Jig and Fixture

Image by Daniel Smyth
Laser Cutting Steel

Jig and Fixture

Laser Cutting

Designs and manufacture precision jigs and fixtures for different applications in the manufacturing line.
We ensure that our product have the best quality and quickest lead time.


We offer laser cutting services. 
Laser cutting provides you high speed and very accurate cutting, especially thin plate.
Our laser cutting machines can cut for Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum and other steel material. 

Image by Syd Mills


We provide quality welding service for Aluminium and Stainless Steel product.

Cogs Illustration
Image by Mastars

Design & Drafting

Surface Treatment 

Our professional engineers and drafters will design the product base on customer requirements.


We also provide quality surface finishing service. We offer metal finishing services including nickel, chromate, zinc, Electroplating, hardening, gold, green, silver and various type of anodising for aluminium product. Besides it, we also provide powder coating and painting service. 

Image by Opt Lasers

Laser Engraving

Provide engraving service on the product.
Customers can request to add on their company detail or product serious number on the product, we also provide engraving service for non-inhouse product.   

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