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Image by Ben Vloon

Kiosk and Enclosure

Visitor Management System Kiosk 

Visitor Management System (VMS) is designed to facilitate the process of visitor registration, check-in and check-out for business with substantial movements of external personnel within it’s premises.

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Provide design concept for customized kiosk 
Support barcode scanner, label printer, card dispenser/collector 
Can link-up with turnstile barrier systems
Support Camera, Iris Recognition System
Testing and Commissioning

Kiosk Design.png

We can customize base on your drawing

Fabricate Cabinet, Enclosure and Trolley

We fabricate cabinets, enclosures or trolleys, base on customer design.  


Recyclable: Stainless steel is the affordability to recycle the entire material when you no longer need the item.

Hygienic: For users in Hospital, clean room, kitchen and anywhere where you might want to keep hygienic, Stainless Steel items are best for use.

Heat Resistance: Stainless Steel can be useful as they have a good resistance against heat.

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